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People don't want to wait for ads.
VIDCOIN's Zero-Latency technology ensures mobile video ads that launch instantly every time in HD quality regardless of the connectivity.
VIDCOIN is the only provider to offer the Zero-Latency solution for the programmatic ecosystem.

If you own a mobile device you've almost certainly been blocked at some point by an unwelcome video ad that just won't load. You're left waiting for that "skip" button to come so you can just get on with your life.

Unfortunately this cumbersome user experience is the industry standard today that is exacerbated by increasing complexity of automated “programmatic” ad buying. This creates a poor experience for the user and is a major cause of user attrition and ad blocking which are hurting digital publishers’ bottom line.

But VIDCOIN is changing all of that!

Unlike most programmatic mobile video ads running on streaming technologies built for desktop, VIDCOIN offers a truly unique mobile-first video ad experience with videos that are guaranteed to launch instantly regardless of mobile connectivity.

VIDCOIN is the only provider to offer premium zero-latency mobile video technology that is also VAST & RTB compliant. So publishers can now create new mobile-first video inventory - including vertical video - that is already connected to demand-side partners across the programmatic marketplace.